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The set covers Six DVDs to 2nd Level Black Sash Plus a break falls and rolling DVD and teaches weapons first including single stick, double stick, stick and dagger and improvised weapons. Kali/Arnis which means weapons is an awesome system for those who wish real self-defense or offense if needed with the ability to handle more than just one attacker at one time and finish the situation quickly with destructive power.
Empty hand applications from the weapons movements is taught along with devastating hand and foot techniques and drills to enhance the students ability to handle most situations they encounter. Filipino ground fighting skills are taught to round off the system.
Hand to hand sensitivity drills and Panatukan Boxing is taught. Learn some awesome Filipino ground fighting techniques to round off the system.  Each level is packed with more information than most martial arts systems covers in two or three belt levels.
The Sash (belt) levels are as follows:
                                                      Yellow Sash Green Sash Blue Sash
                 Brown Sash 1st Level Black Sash 2nd Level Black Sash 

Click on the buy now button below to purchase and select the Kali Arnis White to 2nd Level Black Sash course  on sale with test fees included for $189.95 

$329.99 Kali/Arnis White Sash to 2nd Level Black Sash/ Instructor Level.

We offer 3rd Level through 7th Level Black Sash Material. When you are ready for any of these black sash levels, please contact us at for ordering information.