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ARC Ryu Combat System


ARC Ryu Combat Karate is a down and dirty street defense system.The instructor is Soke Frank Williams, a retired Deputy Sheriff with hundreds of arrest during his career and a  former Anti Terrorist Tactical Alert Team Member serving From 1982 to 1986 in the US Army as well as the Founder of the Law Enforcement Black Belt Program.

This home study course is available in a 6 DVD video system. The belt ranking is from Yellow to 2nd Degree Black Belt. You will learn offensive and defensive moves along with multiple attack and weapon techniques. Body Arts are covered to allow for a student to have a complete system of self defense as taught to law enforcement, civilian and military personnel.



Click on the buy now button below to purchase the ARC Ryu Combat Karate set up to and including 2nd Degree Black Belt on sale for $189.95

ARC Ryu Combat Karate white to 2nd Degree Black Belt/Instructor Level. With Test fees included.


 For money order or cashier's check purchase, please make checks out to G.M. Frank Williams and mail to 112 Nugent St. F Bowling Green, Ky 42101