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Attention: We are offering the basic set from White to 2nd Degree Black Belt with Test Fees included for $189.95. This includes all 11 Eleven DVDs, Step by Step instructions and test fee waivers. Click on the buy now button below and get this course now before it is pulled off. 

Complete Aiki Jujitsu Course white belt to 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Attention: If you currently study or teach Idairyu Aiki Jujitsu, you may continue to purchase the advance rank material.  We have had such tremendous growth over the years that we now need to focus on the students, instructors and schools we have around the world. All advance ranking material will always be available. Replacement DVDs will be available for those in need for lost or damaged DVDs.  

Thank you.

Frank Williams Sensei



**For (5th) Fifth Degree Black Belt Material and above, contact us at 


Third Degree Material for Aiki Jujitsu             $69.95

Third Degree Black Belt Material for Idai Ryu.

Fourth Degree Black Belt Material for Aiki Jujitsu   $89.95

Fourth Degree Black Belt Material for Aiki Jujitsu.